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5 Things We Love About RPO (And You Will Too) Mar 29 , 2017

In such a competitive hiring landscape, you need every available advantage to help you complete the hiring puzzle. Talent is scarce, churn is costly, and recruiting grows more sophisticated with every passing year. That's why so many employers have moved to a recruitment process outsourcing model. RPO is more than a traditional recruiting agency. It helps you quickly meet hiring goals with better results and fewer internal resources. And that makes the most from your recruiting budget. Here are 5 reasons we love RPO. We're pretty sure that you will too: #1: RPO Vendors Have Cutting-Edge Technology and Tools The recruiting industry is changing quickly. New technology and tools continually enter the market, an…

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Why Your Company Should Outsource IT Recruiting Mar 29 , 2016

There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT recruiting. Many companies balk at paying to hire recruiting help for their open IT positions. Recruiting can seem like an unnecessary cost when you have an HR department and hiring managers, but IT recruiters are equipped to provide services that an HR department can't, especially when it comes to IT recruiting. The Growing Need for IT Recruiting IT jobs are growing and are expected to keep growing, expanding 12% by 2024. Already, many companies have a difficult time filling specialized positions. Between a growing millennial workforce willing to change jobs when it benefits them and the coming shortage of high-tech workers, it's only going to get much more difficult to…

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5 Reasons You Need IT Recruiting Services Mar 17 , 2016

IT recruiting services can help you recruit higher caliber talent to your company.

Using recruiting services as part of the IT hiring process has almost become a given for companies over the past few years, and it's not hard to see why. Many employers are now sold on the benefits of using recruiters after seeing how IT recruiting services have improved the hiring process for their businesses. Here are some of the many reasons your company needs IT recruiting services no matter its size. 1. To attract better quality candidates. A good recruiter will have contacts all over the U.S. and even overseas, with profiles and information at their fingertips instantly. Some of these contacts will be active job se…

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How IT Hiring Managers and Recruiters Can Work Together for Maximum Benefit Mar 9 , 2016

Hiring managers and recruiters both have a role to play in filling open IT positions.

Sometimes it takes both a hiring team and a recruiting team to make successful IT hires. Working together, the hiring manager and recruiter can be even more effective in finding the best candidates for open IT positions and through all aspects of the hiring process. When a company decides to hire a recruiter, it's usually for one of two reasons. First, the company may be too small to have a hiring manager (although there is usually someone very busy in charge of hiring). Second, the hiring manager may be too busy to devote significant time to the search and hiring process. This is typically true if the hiring manager is actually the …

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