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The Importance of Being Proactive in an IT Job Search Mar 29 , 2016

There is more to finding an IT job than clicking on job boards. Has your job search gone something like this? You find jobs on IT job boards and other websites, spend a lot of time applying for them, then wait for a response only to hear nothing from any of them. In many ways, a job search can be isolating and discouraging. You can feel the opportunities slipping through your fingers, but you don't know how to grab on. Why Being Proactive is Important to Your IT Job Search A typical job search isn't proactive, it's reactive. You wait for a job to be posted, then react by applying for it. You wait to be called for an interview, then react by becoming one of a number of candidates being considered for the position. …

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7 Ways to Manage IT Job Search Frustration Mar 17 , 2016

Job searches can be frustrating for many IT professionals.

IT job searches can be a major source of frustration. There's nothing like almost getting the job offer yet again to make you wonder if your searching days will ever come to an end. Every day is filled with dozens of decisions to agonize over: how to target your resume, what to put in a cover letter, whether to spend time applying for a job when you don't quite meet the qualifications. It doesn't take very long to begin to doubt whether anything you are doing will ever turn into a job offer. Here are some ways to manage and overcome the frustration that comes with an IT job search. 1. Network Positively Networking is important in the job s…

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Making Lemonade Out of Job Search Lemons Mar 9 , 2016

Part of a successful life is being able to make lemonade out of life's lemons.

When you have a bad experience during an IT job search, it can be frustrating and discouraging. Maybe you were the runner-up candidate for a job you really wanted, or you could tell from the first moment of an interview that the job wasn't going to be a good fit for you. Most job searches don't go perfectly and involve some level of mistakes or bad experiences. Being able to turn a negative experience into something positive can help job seekers grow and can lead to even better job opportunities in the future. Figuring Out What Went Wrong One way to overcome job search adversity is to take time after a bad experience to reflect an…

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Finding an IT Job That Won't Bore You Mar 3 , 2016

Having a job you can be excited about is important for some IT professionals.

When conducting a job search, being qualified is only part of the equation. A company may want a particular candidate for a particular job, but does that candidate want a job that isn't challenging and will soon begin to feel monotonous? If you are looking for a job that gives you challenges and will keep you from getting bored. Studies have shown that within a year of getting a job, most employees are beginning to feel bored if they aren't being challenged. Job satisfaction is directly correlated with the level of challenge, as well. Sure, managers will find it easier to hold onto good employees if they give them challenging projects, …

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