IT Experience vs. IT Education: Which is More Important When Recruiting? Mar 3 , 2016

A formal degree shows that you have achieved a level of knowledge in a particular subject area.

It's an age-old debate: is formal education more important, or is experience what really matters? In the IT field, hiring managers and recruiters must make this decision every day when choosing between candidates for positions they need to fill. Sometimes candidates will have everything hiring managers want and need, but other times, choosing the best candidate will still leave something to be desired. So what's a hiring manager to do? Hire the candidate who learned on the job and has all the necessary skills, but no degree? Or the candidate who has a degree, with top marks and skills fresh in mind, but no experience to bac…

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How to Job Hunt While You're Working Feb 26 , 2016

Searching for a job while employed can be done if you are careful.

If your current IT job is less than ideal, one recourse you have is to look for a new job while remaining in your current position. Conducting a job search can cause problems for you if your current employer realizes you are looking; however, there are some ways to look for a new job without risking your employer finding out. Don't Tell Co-Workers If you tell even one person about your job search, you may be telling everyone, according to corporate veteran and author Andy Teach. While you may be able to use contacts at work for networking and getting information about new IT jobs, it may not be worth the backlash you could face in the form of an a…

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How to Tell if a Recruiter is Worth It Feb 26 , 2016

Good recruiters develop methods of identifying top talent.

Companies pay thousands of dollars to recruiters for help in finding and hiring needed employees. There are effective recruiters out there who use proven techniques to find quality candidates, but there are also recruiters who aren't worth a fraction of what they are paid and who waste the time of both the companies who hire them and the job seekers who are looking for positions. Characteristics of Effective Recruiters They have good people skills. Most recruiters can match up raw skill sets and find the best candidate on paper to fill an open IT position. Some of these candidates are a good fit for the company, and some will not fit into the company…

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Should You Work as an IT Contractor? Feb 16 , 2016

Contracted jobs, which are hourly, temporary and don't pay benefits, are becoming more plentiful in the IT field. Companies may prefer to hire contractors or freelancers for several reasons, but are such jobs beneficial for those in the IT field looking for work? Advantages of Contract or Freelance IT Positions One advantage of contract positions is that the hourly rate is usually higher than it would be for a permanent employee. Contract employees are hired for a specific assignment or project, which may last anywhere from a few days to months or even years. Many IT contractors have specialized expertise that would not be expected from a permanent employee with a more generalized job. Special skills and the fact that…

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Using Psychology in IT Recruiting Feb 16 , 2016

In the process of recruiting for IT positions, psychology can be a useful tool. There are several points in the recruiting process that can be improved by using psychology to better understand and make decisions about how to present job opportunities and what to look for when hiring. Presenting Opportunities It's important to get some idea of how a job description will be perceived before you post it in the various channels you use. According to network marketer Sonia Stringer, the recruiting process should appeal to the emotions and not just logic. Stringer says that 80% of decisions about jobs are made with emotion. People consider what their friends and families will think, whether they think the job wil…

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8 Unusual IT Jobs and the Qualifications You Need to Get Them Feb 10 , 2016

Computer forensics is one of many unusual IT jobs.

The field of information technology has become large and diverse. Here are some of the most unusual jobs in the IT field with the qualifications required to get them. 1. Geospatial Technology Professional Uses geographic data to evaluate and communicate about trends and patterns. Could involve infographics and other unusual visual displays. Requires an IT degree with specialized certifications such as Geo Information Systems or Geospatial Intelligence Analytics. 2. Data Modeler Designs data models and the defines relationships between data fields to make sure a company's data systems work as efficiently as possible. Also presents and teaches systems to …

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Going Back to School vs. Learning on the Job: Which is Better? Feb 10 , 2016

Many open IT positions require candidates to learn new skills.

In the IT field, jobs are often complex and highly specialized, requiring specific skills and ongoing training as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. For some jobs, the talent pool is small and emptied of fish quickly after being stocked each year as students graduate. It is an ongoing challenge for hiring managers to fill open positions with these rampant skills shortages. When it seems impossible to find a candidate who meets the qualifications for your job posting, what is the best course of action? You can just keep the position open until the right person comes along, but where does that leave your team? Understaffed and frustrated in the…

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Thought Leader Series: How to Improve Job Candidate Selection Feb 10 , 2016

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences. She authored the international bestselling book, "Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results," and "HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews." Although hiring managers and job seekers sit on opposite sides of the table, they each have one goal in common. Each party needs to qualify and match the opportunity at hand according to their professional requirements. For the company, the process is time-consuming and very expensive. Attention is taken away from normal duties in order to meet with dozens of candidates. The hard part is recognizing which candidate will best fit in with the curre…

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Expert Interview Series: Pradeep Chauhan About the Advantages of Contract Jobs Jan 28 , 2016

"These days companies are hiring contractors for almost every position they used to hire full-time employees for," says Pradeep Chauhan, founder of crowd-sourced staffing agency directory OnContracting. "While the non-core IT positions like Desktop Support, Lab Engineers, Helpdesk and Software Testing were always contractor heavy, companies have started using contractors for more core aspects of their business, too," he says. We recently checked in with Pradeep to learn more about the advantages of contract jobs. Here's what he had to say: What are the advantages of contract jobs for companies? One of the advantages is flexibility to change resource levels. But I think many companies have discovered this …

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Thought Leader Series: Event Psychology: Getting Visitors to do the Expected at Your Job Fair Jan 28 , 2016

Graham Jones is a Thought Leader on Internet Psychology and has extensive experience in helping businesses understand the behavior of their customers. To learn more about Graham, visit his website at Job fair organizers always do their best to make sure everything goes well. They do all they can to ensure the event is well organized, supremely planned and efficiently run. However, even for the best organized job fairs, things can go "off the rails" due to the unpredictable behavior of the attendees. In reality, significant event experiences for visitors happen because the organizers are adaptable and can deal with the unexpected like a swan: smooth and graceful on the surface, but paddling awa…

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Dealing with a Talent Shortage Jan 28 , 2016

IT hiring managers are fighting an uphill battle. According to a recent Gartner report entitled "Service Providers Are Waging War against U.S. Talent Shortage with Unconventional Methods", the U.S. Department of Labor projects that, by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings. At the same time, universities are projected to produce qualified candidates for only about 30 percent of those jobs. If you think that things might turn around in the IT industry before 2020, consider this. The White House estimates that there are 500,000 job openings in IT that need to be filled right now.  

IT hiring managers must search carefully in a scarce pool of candidates.

Factors Affecting the Stats …

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5 Ways to Find Passive Candidates for IT Jobs Jan 28 , 2016

With an estimated 500,000 unfilled positions in IT today, it is obvious that the talent search for qualified candidates must extend far beyond those who are actively seeking employment. Many of the industry's best candidates are not actively searching for a job. Where the Talent Is According to LinkedIn's "2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report", 75 percent of global professionals consider themselves to be "passive" candidates. However, only 61 percent of organizations are actively targeting passive candidates in their recruiting efforts. These statistics illustrate a large pool of untapped talent available for proactive recruiters.  

Finding passive candidates among employed IT workers requires creative thinking. …
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Expert Interview Series: Stacy Chapman About What IT Positions are in Demand in 2016 Jan 28 , 2016

Trying to keep a handle on ALL of the tech skills in demand in 2016 would be a full-time job, says Stacy Chapman, CEO for social talent sourcing solution, SwoopTalent. "Across all industries the data challenge continues - including analytics, data services, data architecture and 'big data' - as does the need for architecture, DevOps, machine learning, security, user experience and many others," Stacy says. In addition, good programmers are in high demand, and not just in new technologies like Puppet, Sqoop and Groovy; programmers in Java, html, C#, and even legacy skills like PeopleSoft and Documentum continue to increase in price. And that's only a few examples. Given the variety of needs, it's important to k…

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Attracting Job Seekers to Your Company Website Jan 21 , 2016

Getting IT professionals to browse your company's website can help with recruiting efforts.

One way to build a list of potential future job candidates is to attract them to your company's website. Many corporate websites are not attractive to potential job seekers or currently employed IT professionals that may one day want to work for them. With a few changes and new additions, however, it is possible to have a corporate site that attracts potential candidates and helps build a talent network you can draw from when you have open positions. Interesting Content Linking to or providing original content of interest to IT professionals on your company website will show potential talent that you are up to date on tren…

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Where Job Seekers Hang Out (And How Hiring Managers Can Meet Them There) Jan 21 , 2016

Of course, job seekers hang out on social media, but where specifically do they hang out?

For many IT job openings, it is increasingly difficult to find quality candidates with enough skills and experience to have any chance of success. Employers don't want to settle for a candidate that has little chance of being able to do the job, but their best efforts to fill the position often come up short. One thing hiring managers can do to find a larger pool of candidates is to identify the places, both physical and virtual, that IT professionals hang out. The majority of currently employed professionals would consider changing jobs even if they aren't actively looking. Finding these IT professionals and being able to commun…

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Expert Interview Series: Victoria Crispo About IT Jobs in the Nonprofit Sector Jan 21 , 2016

There are two kinds of employees that drive the modern workforce: those who work hard to support themselves and their families - improving their circumstances in any number of industries - and those who are motivated by the well-being of others. For the latter, making a living and supporting loved ones is still a priority, they just choose to build their careers where others can also benefit. Which one are you? If you're the latter you may be interested to know that the IT industry has created a great number of jobs in the nonprofit sector - a sector where many careers meet charitable ends. To learn more about IT jobs in the nonprofit sector, GDH Consulting spoke with Victoria Crispo, manager of Career Content at…

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The Risky Job Search: Why Playing it Safe May Not Get You the IT Job You Want Jan 14 , 2016

Searching for an IT job can be fraught with angst, nail-biting tension, and generally uncomfortable moments. When you are in the market for a new position, you may have a tendency to avoid as many stomach-churning incidents as possible by playing it safe. For instance, you may decide not to search for a job while employed for fear that your current employer will get wind of your plans and take some unpleasant action. Or, you may hesitate to step out on a limb to make a contact that might get you in the door of a prospective employer out of shyness or fear of embarrassment.  

Sometimes you just need to jump right in.

If that is the case, it may be helpful to remember the old adage that fortune favors the brav…

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Using Marketing Techniques to Recruit for IT Positions Jan 14 , 2016

Inbound marketing can be an effective tool when building a talent network.

Effective recruiting techniques involve some amount of marketing. Without marketing the opportunities as well as the company itself, it becomes difficult to attract quality candidates, many of whom are reluctant to work for a company they've never heard of. Here are some marketing techniques IT hiring managers can use to increase visibility for their open positions. Managing Social Media Most companies have a social media presence, but are your social media pages optimized to attract repeat visitors from the IT community? Effective social media users are active, posting at least several times a day on Twitter and 1-3 times a day on Faceboo…

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Integrating Your IT Job Search Into Your Everyday Life Jan 6 , 2016

Networking can be a key to a successful job search.

It can seem strange and foreign to conduct a job search. All that paperwork that has to be filled out just right, and the whole interview process where one conversation can determine the next several years of your life can keep you in a state of constant stress until it's over. But there are ways to make your IT job search part of your everyday life so that it doesn't create as much stress or even take as much effort. Integrating your IT job search into your everyday life requires taking a different perspective on both your life and the job search process; however, it may not only reduce your stress, but also help you find more success in your job search. Natura…

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6 IT Recruiting Techniques You Can Steal From the Sales Department Jan 6 , 2016

IT recruiting is not exactly like sales. It's like sales times two. On the one hand, recruiters have the task of selling employers on the merits of prospective hires. On the other hand, recruiters must sell potential hires on the merits of employers. Thus, it makes sense that effective IT recruiters employ many of the same techniques that make salespeople effective. What are they? Tip No. 1: Know your product. The first secret to successful selling is being familiar with your product. In the case of an IT recruiter, the product is finding the right candidate for the right position at the right time. Knowing your product, then, involves a high level of communication with the employer. A top IT recruiter must have a de…

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Thought Leader Series: 5 Things to Do Before Your Next Job Fair to Ensure Your Marketing is Successful Dec 23 , 2015

Susan Payton is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing and social media firm. She's written three business books, and blogs about small business on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, The Marketing Eggspert Blog, and Tweak Your Biz.

You know that hosting a job fair does great things for bringing in top-notch employees and candidates, but you have to get people to the event for that concept to work. It's the whole "chicken and egg" dynamic. You can't have one without the other.

To ensure your next job fair is filled with the right people, use the following marketing strategies: 1. Plan Far Out You can't start marketing your job fair the week before. If…

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The Fine Art of Negotiating an IT Job Offer Dec 23 , 2015

Negotiating an IT job offer is not an exact science. Rather, it is an art form, albeit one that many job seekers have trouble mastering. Think of it as a delicate dance, with each partner hoping to make all the right moves while not stepping on the other's toes or injuring themselves in the process. If you are in the interview process for an IT position, it is time to slip on those dancing shoes and make some graceful moves as you negotiate your best offer. To succeed at any dance, you must first learn the general steps. Here are a few negotiating tactics to get you moving in the right direction: 1) Be nice. As it turns out, your mother was right. Being nice to people pays off in the long run. Nobody wants to dance w…

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When Good IT Candidates are Hard to Find Dec 23 , 2015

For some specialized IT positions, it can be difficult to find good candidates in the general job market.

Many IT jobs require specific skills that only a small number of people in the workforce have. Finding quality candidates to fill these specialized positions is difficult at best, and is often nearly impossible using traditional job posting methods. So what is an employer to do when faced with such a challenge to fill an open position? Taking a page from the recruiter's handbook, including recruiting passive candidates and understanding how top candidates look for jobs, can help with these staffing challenges. Recruiting Passive Candidates Most people who could do any given job aren't actively looking. T…

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8 Best IT Job Opportunities for 2016 Dec 16 , 2015

2016 will bring many different opportunities in the IT field.

When considering how to approach a job search, it helps to know what kinds of IT jobs will be in demand in the coming year. Here are a handful of ideas to get job seekers planning and positioning themselves in the best possible way. 1. Database Management The growth of mobile payment methods and advances in social media have turned huge databases into truly massive ones. Engineers who can handle the transition from big data to even bigger data will be in demand at credit card and retail companies as well as internet-based giants (think Amazon and eBay). 2. Cyber Security Signs of increasing cyber-attacks by political entities as well as other…

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Getting the Most From an IT Recruiter Dec 16 , 2015

The relationship between a business and its IT recruiting service is a lot like a marriage. It sometimes starts out with giddy optimism and is followed by a period of inevitable adjustment as both parties learn the ins and outs of the relationship. The question is, how do you keep the love alive in your relationship with an IT recruiter? Communication is Key As in a marriage, communication is the cornerstone of a good working relationship. As dazzling as their interpersonal skills are, recruiters typically lack one quality. They are not psychic.  

"You are looking for...a tall, dark-haired man with a business degree?"

Therefore, you have to tell them what you want them to know. Start with the basics, an…

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7 Things You Won't Have to Do If You Work With an IT Recruiter Dec 9 , 2015

If you are on the fence about using an IT recruitment agency to handle your staffing needs, it may be time to hop off and put your feet firmly on the ground. Here's why. Much like the difference between buying a suit off the rack and having a tailor custom-make your clothing, IT recruiters provide access to candidates that are custom-fit for your specific requirements. Better yet, they manage this feat while handling the more annoying parts of the hiring and onboarding process for you. Want some examples? Here's a short list of hiring issues you won't have to handle when you work with an IT recruiter. 1) You won't have to deal with translating tech-speak. While your in-house HR team likely does a stellar job of recruiting…

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Pros and Cons of Switching IT Jobs When Recruited Dec 9 , 2015

Careful consideration will help you make a good choice about whether to switch jobs as a result of a recruiter's offer.

Most recruiters know that many of the most qualified candidates for a particular position are already employed in good jobs when the position becomes open. Recruiters spend time opening communication with these qualified candidates through social media and other avenues in order to try to recruit them at some future date. When you are the target of such recruiting efforts, taking the new opportunity or staying in your current job can be a difficult decision. Leaving a perfectly good job is not easy to do, but staying put may not be the best option in every case either. There are many pros and cons to sort …

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Top 6 Mistakes IT Job Seekers Make Dec 3 , 2015

Staying positive while job searching will make the process more successful.

Job search blunders can cost job seekers the IT job opportunities they really want, leading to a much longer job search or settling for a job they don't really want. Here are some common job search mistakes and how IT job seekers can avoid making them. 1. Neglecting Networking Many IT job seekers throw themselves into searching job boards and filling out application after application, but the most effective way to find a job is through networking. Instead of camping out at the computer, get out there and talk to people. Ask all your friends whether their companies are hiring, reconnect with colleagues from former jobs and go to job fairs …

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Hitting a Recruiter's Target Every Time Dec 3 , 2015

Knowing how to approach and interact with a recruiter can help get you to the interview process.

IT recruiters don't make final hiring decisions, but they do much of the legwork in the lead up. To get in front of a company hiring manager, you've first got to get onto the recruiter's radar and get his attention. How to Introduce Yourself to a Recruiter Email is the perfect vehicle for a first introduction to a recruiter. The phone takes too long, and social media is too casual, but sending a brief, professional email with a few of your qualifications in bullet-point format will send the message that you are a quality candidate worth looking at. Although it may seem strange to email an IT recruiter out of the …

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You Were Fired: Now What? Nov 27 , 2015

You can move forward in your career after being fired.

Getting fired can happen to the best of employees due to a variety of reasons, some of which are beyond their control. Firings happen for many reasons other than incompetence or insubordination, and termination from a job can even occur when it is least expected. Not every job is a good fit for every employee, but circumstances can sometimes force you to stay with a job you don't like or can't do well. When things don't work out with a job despite our best efforts, it can be difficult to cope with a termination and move past it into another job. Steps to Take After Termination from a Job There are some steps everyone needs to take after getting fired from a…

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6 Things Companies Can't Do Without a Recruiter Nov 27 , 2015

Recruiters can help companies in many ways.

Companies often debate whether it's more cost-effective to work with a recruiter or to handle their hiring needs completely in-house. Social media, internet newsletters and employee referral programs have made it easier and less time consuming to build talent networks, and larger companies may have hiring managers that work to fill open positions. No matter how streamlined the process becomes, however, there are still some things companies can't do effectively without a recruiter's help. In IT hiring particularly, it makes sense to use the expertise of a recruiter to accomplish the following hiring tasks. 1. Find the candidates who aren't currently looking. Most of…

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What IT Job Seekers Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Software Nov 19 , 2015

If you sumbit your resume online, chances are, it will be screened with applicant tracking software.

As the cost of applicant tracking software comes down, more and more companies are seeing these systems as a good solution to dealing with hundreds of resumes for each open position. Currently, many smaller companies still review resumes by hand, but nearly all Fortune 500 companies use some type of applicant tracking software to handle their volume of resumes, including those for IT positions. Applicant tracking software (ATS) is used by nearly all recruiters as well because of the number of resumes they deal with. Navigating ATS Effectively The first thing to know about ATS systems is that they work mainly from …

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Top 5 Reasons to Start an Employee Referral Program Nov 19 , 2015

Offering rewards for quality referrals helps motivate employees to participate in the program.

Employee referral programs can be a source of quality candidates that companies turn to when open positions need to be filled. Although it does take some administrative work to establish and maintain an ERP, most companies have found that it's a worthwhile undertaking and ultimately benefits the company's bottom line. once it is established. Here are some of the top reasons to start an employee referral program: 1. Referrals are the best source of quality hires. One of the scary aspects of hiring is that it's possible for a candidate to present well on paper and even in person, but not be able to do the job after b…

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Expert Interview Series: Andrea Vukina Stojanovic About the Current Needs of the Irish IT Job Market Nov 19 , 2015

If you're an IT expert in the U.S. or Canada who is in the market for a new job, you might try looking across the pond. "The IT jobs market in Ireland is booming at the moment, and there is a very large demand for skilled IT professionals," says Andrea Vukina Stojanović, director at Irish Recruiter. Ireland is the fastest-growing economy right now, and the IT sector is at the forefront, with many companies hiring a larger number of new employees, she adds. We recently checked in with Andrea to learn more about what makes Ireland so attractive to IT companies and to get her take on IT recruiting today. Here's what she had to say: What makes Ireland attractive to IT companies globally? Ireland is where…

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How to Be the Top Candidate at Every Interview Nov 11 , 2015

It's not enough to be well qualified; one must be the top candidate to get the job.

In an IT job search, sometimes it isn't enough to have the exact qualifications for an open position. For positions where multiple candidates are well qualified, it is necessary to be the best candidate for the position. It's about demonstrating your superiority to other candidates so that you can be perceived as the best person for the job, without coming off like a know-it-all snob. That can be tricky. Chances are, if you are getting interviews, you know enough about the resume process to write a quality resume and cover letter. You can make yourself look good on paper, but what about during the interview process? This is where it ca…

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A Day in the Life of an IT Recruiter Nov 11 , 2015

Recruiting involves many different skills and services in human resources management.

What happens in a typical recruiter's day? Let's explore a day in the life of "Jim" the IT recruiter to gain some insight into how recruiting happens. When Jim comes into the office in the morning, several things probably call for his attention right away. Jim will have to be intentional about how he spends his time so that his activities have the desired results of matching up qualified people to open positions he has been hired to fill. Managing Competing Priorities If Jim is building or has built a talent pipeline, he probably relies on social media as one of the ways to make connections that keep the pipeline humming. So i…

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Lowering the Cost of Hiring Without Sacrificing Quality Nov 5 , 2015

Hiring costs can be lowered using various techniques, even recruiting services.

There are many costs involved in hiring employees. Fees paid to list the job in various places and recruiting fees are the most obvious costs, but there can also be travel fees, salaries paid to the interview team for time spent interviewing, and even social media fees and salaried time paid to those who maintain social media pages can all be a part of the total cost to hire a new employee. There is also HR time spent setting up the new hire in the system. Lowering these costs can be a worthy goal if your company hires frequently. For instance, instead of paying to list your job openings in various newspapers, you could post them online on…

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Finances of the IT Job Search: How to Make It All Work Nov 5 , 2015

A job search can have costs associated with it, but there are ways to save if you look hard enough.

There are certain expenses associated with any job search, which can vary depending on whether the search is local or covers a distance. Spending a lot of money on a job search may not be feasible when you are out of work, but there are some ways to job search on a shoestring. Clothing In today's business casual atmosphere, many people have not needed to own professional clothing. For an interview, however, it is always best to dress professionally, no matter what the dress code will be after you get hired. Professional clothing is usually available from thrift shops or consignment stores at a fraction of the new p…

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What is a Purple Squirrel? Oct 29 , 2015

This is the closest thing to a purple squirrel we could find.
In recruiting and hiring circles, a purple squirrel is the term used for the almost-impossible ideal job candidate that has all of the qualifications for a particular job opening, lives in the exact right location to be hired, and is willing to work for a low salary considering the qualifications possessed. Of course, purple squirrels rarely exist in the real world, but the fact that luck or chance occasionally drop one into a recruiter's lap makes them search all the harder for more of these rare creatures, convinced that if they look long and hard enough, they will be able to find another one. Purple Squirrels Are a Myth There's nothing wrong with looking for the… Read More

6 Things to Do While Waiting for the Perfect Job Oct 29 , 2015

There are lots of things you can do while looking for your dream job.

So you find the perfect IT job (or several great possibilities) and waste no time applying for them. Once you've sent the application, resume, and cover letter, what do you do? You wait. And if you get an interview, what then? Usually, you wait. Unfortunately, waiting is a large part of the job search experience. Here are some productive (or just fun) things you can do while waiting to hear whether you've made the cut. 1. Keep applying. But what if you accept a job you don't especially want and then you get offered your dream job? Here's a thought: What if you don't? Keep moving forward by continuing to apply to as many jobs as possible while w…

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6 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your IT Recruiter Oct 21 , 2015

Using phone calls judiciously will keep you on your recruiter's good side.

Communicating with your IT recruiter may not be as easy as it seems. Should you call in every day or every week? What kind and how much information should you give? When you have questions, should you contact the recruiter by email or pick up the phone? How much contact is too much? Here are some tips for effective communication with your recruiter while searching for your next IT job. 1. Approach the recruiter through social media. Many recruiters are now engaging in what's called "relationship recruiting" or "talent pipelining." They are active on social media, looking to connect with potential job candidates, even if they don't have the…

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IT Hiring Managers: Get Help Now Oct 21 , 2015

Using a recruiter is a good idea even for companies with hiring managers.

As an IT hiring manager, you may feel that it's your job to find quality IT candidates with which your company can fill open positions. Using a recruiter may feel like cheating or shirking your duties; however, except for in large companies, most hiring managers have many duties beyond hiring, including department leadership, training development, and conducting reviews for existing employees. With all the hats many hiring managers typically wear, why not take advantage of what recruiters have to offer? Advantages of Using Recruiters There are several advantages to hiring a recruiter even for dedicated hiring managers in larger companies. I…

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5 Benefits of Using an IT Recruiter Oct 14 , 2015

A recruiter can help you stand out from the crowd.

In the IT field, it can be difficult to find just the right job to use your mix of skills and experience. Chances are, the job is out there, but whether or not you can find it without some help is very much in question. Using a recruiter can be beneficial in finding just what you are looking for. Here are five benefits to using a recruiter in your IT job search. 1. Recruiters are motivated to fill positions. A recruiter doesn't get paid until the position is filled successfully, so a high level of motivation exists to match you up with one of the open IT positions they have been hired to fill. Also, recruiters will work to coach and prepare you for all aspects of…

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The Rise of Mobile Recruiting Oct 14 , 2015

Job seekers are using every device possible to their advantage as they look for jobs.

Mobile recruiting isn't really all that new. It started in 2007 or so as more job candidates began to use their smartphones for almost everything. But the recession of 2008 and beyond put a damper on mobile recruiting because most employers curtailed their hiring for several years and didn't feel the need to optimize a system they weren't using. Now that hiring has come back somewhat, mobile recruiting has risen to prominence for several reasons, and there seems to be no going back. Here's how job seekers use their mobile devices to look for jobs, and what your company can do to meet the mobile-friendly demand. Why…

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Expert Interview Series: Brett Iredale On The Challenges Associated With Hiring Quality IT Personnel Oct 14 , 2015

Hiring quality IT professionals is challenging for both sides. For employers, every job opening listed receives an average of 250 resumes, all of which need to be reviewed. For job seekers, there is more competition than ever before, making it essential to stand out and really shine to attract the best potential employer. Recruitment is tough. It relies on so many variables that can be difficult to gauge and measure, especially over the internet where so much IT recruitment takes place. For a business to thrive, however, a business owner must continually be recruiting, and not just filling positions as they open. We talked to Brett Iredale of the recruitment software company JobAdder to learn how the top IT compani…

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Thought Leader Series: Job-Hunting in Japan: Follow These Tips for Success Oct 14 , 2015

Philip Beech is an editor of the Japan travel website Teaching ESL and finance careers remain the two biggest employment areas for foreigners wishing to work in Japan. But now, openings in Information Technology (IT) are growing, both within large companies and small start-ups. Read on for some tips on how to find a great job in Japan.  

Getting Started The first place to start is to search recruitment and staffing agencies with a Japanese presence. A quick search on Google will reveal the best ones. Check their job listings to get an idea of the sorts of positions and salaries available in your field, as well as the skills and experience necessary to start applying for …

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7 Things IT Recruiters Can't Do Oct 7 , 2015

Recruiters are skilled at connecting people with jobs.

IT recruiters are professionals who help companies find the best possible candidates to fill their open positions and help candidates find the best possible job fitting their qualifications. Many IT recruiters are good at what they do, even though they juggle an almost impossible number of requisitions (open jobs) that they are expected to close quickly. Despite recruiters' skills and expertise, however, there are limits on what IT recruiters are able to do. Some tasks or roles are outside the scope of the normal recruiting process, and no amount of wishing, hoping or pressuring will make it possible for recruiters to be what they are not. Here are some things re…

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Social Media Recruiting: The Boundaries Problem and How to Solve It Oct 7 , 2015

Social media recruiting relies on building relationships and contacts with job prospects through social media.

Social media has forever changed the way most recruiting is done, but its openness also poses problems for recruiters as the boundaries between work and personal can easily begin to blur. Since social media offers great opportunities to build your talent pipeline so that you can quickly fill positions when they become available, it is a valuable resource if it is used correctly. The Problem of Boundaries in Social Media There are two main problems for recruiters that use social media for recruiting. First, social media is available 24/7, which makes it all too easy to check in and post outside office hou…

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Why IT Recruiting is Not a Panacea Oct 7 , 2015

Recruiters need specific information from companies to match talent with their open positions.

Successful recruiting requires certain things from the recruiter and certain things from the company seeking employees. Hiring a recruiter can be a great move for a company, but it doesn't work as well as it can without both sides doing their part. Recruiting is a Partnership If a company had the resources and manpower to make successful hires in a timely manner, it wouldn't need a recruiter. Conversely, recruiters also need input from the company to be able to recruit successfully for them. The Role of the Company The role of the company in recruiting is to give as much information about the job opening as po…

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7 Tips for Finding an IT Job After Termination Sep 30 , 2015

Being able to explain your termination well in an interview can help you find a new job.

Termination happens for many different reasons, and no matter the reason, it makes finding a new job more difficult. Here are some tips for turning things around and finding a new IT job after a termination. 1. Start Looking Immediately You may feel emotionally battered and worn after being fired, but the best course of action is not to take time off, but to begin your search for a new job right away. Gaps in your IT resume are difficult to explain the longer they are, and IT skills can get stale quickly, so the sooner you get back out there, the less you will have to explain or catch up on. 2. Stay Positive N…

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Thought Leader Series: What Are Top IT Candidates Looking for in Their Employers? Sep 30 , 2015

Travis Pizel is a personal finance blogger who writes at Enemy of Debt, where he shares his family's financial experiences, struggles and successes. As a father and husband, he provides a unique perspective on balancing debt, finances, and family.

As the economy recovers, demand for IT skills is increasing, which means greater competition for the best workers looking for information technology jobs. Hiring companies need to make an impression during the interview process in order to fill their open positions with the top candidates. Knowing what prospective employees are looking for can help hiring companies ensure they emphasize their best attributes and secure the needed skills to lay the foundation for …

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Reading Between the Lines: What Recruiters Should Know Sep 23 , 2015

Parroting and clarifying will give you a better sense of what a business really wants in a new hire.

Recruiters and hiring managers are often tasked with using other people's job descriptions and criteria to find and hire employees. But communication is an imperfect business--an art, and not a science. Although VPs and department heads may spend time trying to pin down precisely what skills and traits they want in an employee, something often gets lost in translation, and the person hired does not end up being a good fit. What can hiring staff do to make sure businesses get what they want in their employees? Here are some ideas for how to read between the lines and understand what they are really saying. Parrotin…

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6 Unique Skills to Include on an IT Resume Sep 23 , 2015

Knowing what skills are important to put on an IT resume can make the difference in a job search.

When conducting an IT job search, it is important to include pertinent skills on your resume so that recruiters and hiring managers can match you up with the essential skills they are looking for in a candidate. The skills deemed pertinent to IT jobs today, however, are showing evidence of substantial shifts, and job seekers need to keep up with these shifts if they want to land quality jobs in the IT field. It used to be that an IT employee could be primarily focused on having top-notch coding skills, letting the manager and other employees handle the "people" and business aspects of the job. This is no longer the cas…

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The Difference Between a Job and an Opportunity Sep 16 , 2015

A positive attitude is one of your best assets on the job.

A job is where you go to put in your time and get a paycheck. You perform needed skills, do what you're told, and get it done so you can get on with the better things in life. Some people like their jobs, and others don't.

Even the best IT job may not provide fulfillment and purpose - or it might. What determines whether that IT position you just accepted is just a job or becomes an opportunity is one thing and one thing only - your attitude. Ideally, you will take a position well-suited to your skills with a company that treats its employees well and makes an effort to create a nice place to work. In reality, though, many job seekers end up takin…

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The Importance of Relationships in IT Recruiting Sep 16 , 2015

Building a pool of possible applicants who already know your company will eventually speed up the hiring process.

When a company has an open IT position, the hiring manager will often engage in recruiting efforts to find the best possible candidates. The hiring process can take weeks or months and is not always successful at attracting the kind of fully qualified and experienced candidates a company is looking for. Relationship recruiting is a way find qualified IT candidates before the need arises so that positions can be filled quickly once they become available. Using a variety of methods, recruiters and hiring managers can develop a pool of quality candidates and referral sources that they stay in contact with and…

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Thought Leader Series: How to Nail Your Video Interview Sep 9 , 2015

Alexis Schroeder is a 22-year-old fitness, finance and travel blogger. She writes about saving money while living a healthy, adventurous life in her 20s.

Living in the 21st century has led to many aspects of life being modified with new technological advances - including how job interviews are done. As electronics are coming more in handy, job interviews are being done in a virtual manner. Over 60% of companies carry out video interviews, which is a greatly convenient method of interviewing, particularly if you're trying to get online employment or a job that's thousands of miles away.

There are many differences between virtual and in-person interviews. If this concept is new to you, don't w…

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Evaluating the Cultural Fit of Job Candidates Sep 9 , 2015

Assessing cultural fit will save companies money and time.

Cultural fit is how the values, beliefs, outlook and behavior of potential job candidates match those of the company looking to hire them. Cultural fit is important to many companies so that IT employees have an easier time working within the system and collaborating with others. Each company has its own particular culture, and hiring managers can evaluate the cultural fit of IT job candidates during the interview process. Using Behavioral Interviews A behavioral interview can best determine how an IT candidate might fit into the corporate culture. Behavioral interviews focus on traits needed for the job position. Questions in a behavioral interview are b…

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The Importance of Honesty in an IT Job Search Sep 9 , 2015

When applying for a job, it's important to be honest about your qualifications and experience.

If in your zeal to get your next job, you have ever put something on a resume or communicated something in an interview that wasn't true, you are in good company. In a Career Builder study, 63% of IT hiring managers reported that they'd caught a lie on a resume. But lying on a resume or at any point in the job search process is a bad idea, and here's why. Employers Check Up On Your Qualifications Before hiring anyone, it is routine for employers check up on your work history, degrees, and other resume items. For IT positions, these checks can extend to background checks and credit checks because of the access IT personn…

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Thought Leader Series: Practice, Practice, Practice: One of the Most Important Interview Tips Sep 9 , 2015

Lorena Brockman is a blogger for and has notable know-how in blogging, travel, fashion, fitness, and food, and has been deemed "Greatest Auntie Ever" by many. To learn more about Lorena, visit her company's blog at The job market is competitive in this day and age. Landing that perfect job may be on the horizon, but nailing the interview is the one of the first steps. It's the first time a job seeker will meet their possible employer - and that impression lasts forever. Practice, practice, practice - one of the most important interview tips. What should be practiced? Here are some general, but crucial, points to focus on before your next interview.

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Expert Interview Series: Eric Friedman on Pre-employment Skills Testing Sep 9 , 2015

For hiring managers and job recruiters, the glut in today's job market can be overwhelming. "With unemployment at current levels and online job postings drawing so many applications per job, it's becoming more and more difficult to pick the truly experienced individuals out from the volumes of inflated resumes," says Eric Friedman, chairman and CEO of eSkill Corporation. That's where a company like eSkill comes in. The online skills testing service allows employers to test the skills of job candidates to better assess their abilities. "Skills testing brings your most experienced and motivated candidates to the top of the list, cutting dramatically the time lost pursuing unqualified candidates," Eric says. …

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IT Recruiting: Building a Talent Pipeline Sep 2 , 2015

IT recruitment gets easier when companies develop or access a talent pipeline.
IT positions can be notoriously difficult to fill quickly, especially if they require a specialized skill set or advanced training. Wise businesses don't just look to hire when they need to fill a position. By building an IT talent pipeline, they have a source of personnel to draw from when a situation comes up in which they need to hire quickly. A talent pipeline is formed by developing relationships with workers in the IT field, so that contacts are already in place when a need is identified. Building a talent pipeline requires a greater ongoing effort by hiring managers and recruiters, but the benefits outweigh the time and effort. Here are some eff… Read More

How to Talk to an IT Recruiter Sep 2 , 2015

Talking to a recruiter can be the first step to a new IT position.

When an IT recruiter contacts you about a possible job, it's natural to get excited and also nervous. You want to say the things a recruiter wants to hear, but how do you know what those things are? What if you make some unknown, but fatal mistake in the conversation? What can you say to convince the recruiter you are "the one" for the job? First of all, don't panic. It's likely to come through in your voice or your body language, which will not go over well with a recruiter. If you can talk to a recruiter at the time of the initial phone call, I'm sure that's a plus, since recruiters are busy. Take a deep breath and pull out your resume to refer to. I…

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Thought Leader Series: How to Create an Online Footprint That Will Attract Employers Aug 26 , 2015

Graham Jones is a Thought Leader on Internet Psychology and has extensive experience in helping businesses understand the behavior of their customers. To learn more about Graham, visit his website at When you apply for a job, one of the first things employers will do is look you up online. They'll Google you and see what they can find. A potential employer could be impressed by what they discover; on the other hand, they may get an instant negative impression of you, even if it isn't deserved. You Will Be Googled One of the first problems with someone Googling you is that they might find nothing. After all, if you don't have a website, you don't blog, and you don't have any social media …

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Mobile Recruiting: Reaching IT Talent Where It's At Aug 20 , 2015

Most job seekers now use mobile devices to find and apply for jobs.

A recent survey showed that 90 percent of respondents checked their mobile device in the first hour they are awake and 50 percent checked their phones 25 times a day. Among 18 to 24 year olds, a prime age group for IT recruiting, 50 percent checked their phones within 5 minutes of waking up. Given these statistics, it's should not be a surprise that 86 percent of active candidates use their smartphones to start a job search. Furthermore, 70 percent of candidates want to apply on their mobile devices. Which brings us to the question: is your job or recruiting site mobile-friendly? For far too many IT companies and recruiters, the answer is…

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Beyond the Online IT Job Search - Unique Ways to Find Your Next Job Aug 20 , 2015

Using offline job search methods can help you stand out from the crowd.

Most IT job candidates now search for jobs online, but unless your resume sets you apart from the crowd, you may see little result from hours and hours of hard work. is jokingly referred to as the "resume black hole," and the average recruiter spends just six seconds reading a resume submitted online. There are ways to get noticed outside the online application process and boost your chances of landing an interview. Moving beyond the online job search often takes more time and work, but if it increases the odds of success, it can be worthwhile. How to Conduct an Offline IT Job Search The main technique to …

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8 IT Job Search Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Aug 12 , 2015

The job search process has definite do's and don'ts to be aware of.

The job search is the first step to getting the IT job you want, but many people make basic mistakes that prevent them from taking advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be open to them. Here are some of the biggest mistakes IT job seekers make and what seekers can do instead to find success. 1. Making your search too broad. When you really need a job, it can be tempting to apply for every IT position that even remotely ties into your skills and experience, but this practice has several drawbacks. Not only will you spend lots of time pursuing IT jobs that aren't right for you, but you may also hurt your chances with particular companies …

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What Top Quality IT Employees Have in Common Aug 12 , 2015

Personal characteristics can be as important in an IT employee as technical expertise.

IT job descriptions are often very specific about the skills needed for the position. It may be a specific programming language, technical support ability, or project management skills, but it's not likely an applicant will get the job without the required skills. Hiring managers for IT positions should consider more than just whether the applicant has the technical skills required, however. Technical knowledge can be taught in many cases, but there are qualities that top employees have in common, many of which can't be taught or seem to be more basic to who a person is. Using Inner Resources Top IT employees seem to ha…

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6 Recruiting Tips for IT Staffers Aug 5 , 2015

Recruiting top quality IT staff can be a challenge.

Despite the number of resumes received on many job listings, it can still be difficult to find qualified candidates for many IT jobs requiring a specialized skill set or a certain level of experience. Recruiters want to attract the best candidates possible for open positions, and in most IT departments, they need the position filled yesterday. It's easy for recruiters and hiring managers to get stuck between the demands of IT management and those of the candidates they recruit. Here are some tips for finding the candidates that will make their bosses and colleagues happy and avoiding the ones that won't. 1. Build a Profile A profile is different from a job …

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The Second Interview: How to Stand Out Aug 5 , 2015

The second interview gets you one step closer to a job offer.

Getting a second interview is an accomplishment, but the process of landing that IT job is far from over. It's important to handle the second interview as well or even better than the first in order to distinguish yourself from the remaining candidates. Here are some ways you can stand out from the (diminishing) crowd. --Offer more: new information, new insights, new examples. Show definitively that you can do the job and give evidence of your skills in the form of anecdotes about projects you've done, problems you've resolved, and how your particular skills meet the specific needs of the position. --Show that you've done your research. Bring up …

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Is There Really an IT Talent Shortage? Jul 29 , 2015

If you talk to IT hiring managers and their colleagues, many would probably tell you that there is a definite shortage of the kind of candidates they need to fill positions in their companies. An Information Week study yielded 73-88% of respondents who indicated a talent shortage in one or more areas of information technology, depending on the size of the business. When businesses try to find workers with specialized skills to work on specific projects within the company, they often come up empty-handed or end up taking much longer to recruit workers with appropriate skills to fill the positions. Some companies have begun to bring in workers from overseas on H-1B temporary visas to get projects accomplished in a timely manner. Thes…

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Thought Leader Series: Social Media's Ultimate Virtual Cocktail Party: Meet Your Next Boss Jul 29 , 2015

Shari Stauch is Creator and CEO of Where Writers Win, and she has extensive experience in marketing emerging authors. To learn more about Shari, visit her company's website at

"Life's just a cocktail party..." - Mick Jagger, "Shattered" In today's virtual world, the advantages of having a professional online presence cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to job seekers. It's inexpensive to maintain an online presence through social media engagement and blogging, and it's the perfect way to meet and great potential colleagues. Learning to engage the "right" way in this brave new digital world is just as important as engaging with someone in person. You want to develop a written voice…

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Thought Leader Series: Job-Hunting Costs: How to Keep Your Expenses Down Jul 29 , 2015

Kim Parr is an optometrist and author who writes about finance, career, and retirement. You can find out more about Kim at her blog, Eyes on the Dollar. Job-hunting can be as intense as maintaining a full-time job. Aside from researching and making sure credentials and resumes are up to date, there could be travel, meetings, and/or networking required for you to land the perfect position. Job-search costs can be a real concern, especially if you're currently unemployed. By following a few simple steps, it's possible to keep your expenses down while job-hunting. Minimizing Wardrobe Costs While it might be tempting to go on a shopping spree before meeting a potential new employer, take a look around the closet bef…

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Thought Leader Series: What You Need to Know About Social Recruiting Jul 29 , 2015

Joydeep Bhattacharya holds a decade of experience in online marketing and is the author of the SEO blog, where he regularly shares his ideas and experiences. You can follow him on Twitter. As with everything else in the world, traditional methods of recruitment have been affected by the Internet and social media; now, social recruiting is a great way to find job candidates. Using social media platforms to look for candidates is a new and innovative approach to hiring that can also double-up as advertising. According to Jobvite's 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, social engineering has led to a greater need for companies to maximum their visibility. The report states that:

  • Nearly 95% of recrui…
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Streamlining the Hiring Process Jul 22 , 2015

Making the hiring process simpler makes staffing your company more manageable.

If the IT recruitment and hiring process wasn't complex and time consuming, companies wouldn't need hiring managers. There are things IT hiring managers can do, however, to simplify the hiring process and make it not only more manageable, but more effective. Defining the Process Taking time to clearly define the recruitment process, interview process, job description, and requirements will save lots of time later. Applicants will know what to expect as they interview and what the job will be like once they are hired. As an IT hiring manager, defining everything ahead of time allows you to simply follow the process you have est…

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Online Etiquette for IT Job Seekers Jul 22 , 2015

It's important to observe online etiquette, or netiquette, when looking for an IT job.

With many job applications being done online these days, it is important for IT job seekers to know the proper way to conduct themselves online. By respecting boundaries and demonstrating respect for hiring personnel, you will avoid obstacles that could cost you jobs. Check your digital footprint before the interview. Before a job interview even takes place, IT hiring managers may be searching Google and social media to see what they can find out about potential candidates. What will they find? Searching yourself on Google and checking all your social media profiles can give you an idea what hiring managers will see about you whenever in…

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Thought Leader Series: The Two Questions You Must Ask During Every Job Interview Jul 15 , 2015

In every interview, you ask questions. There are two questions that stand above all others - two that just might get you the answers you need to select the best candidate, every time. And the best part? The questions are neither overly complicated (e.g., How many ping-pong balls fit in a school bus?) or a silly cliché (e.g., What is your greatest weakness?). Instead, they get to the heart of the matter: Does this applicant thoroughly understand their value, and how will their working style complement your existing team? Here are those two magical questions: Why Should We Hire You? As simple (and perhaps as common) as this question may be, it helps the interviewer learn three simple things:

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What To Do After the Interview Jul 15 , 2015

To stand out from others interviewed, follow-up is crucial.

In the IT field, competition for quality jobs can be fierce. When you finally get an interview for a job you really want, you should pull out all the stops in order to make a good impression. But more and more, IT job candidates are finding that it isn't enough to have a great interview. It can be what happens after the interview that sometimes determines whether you get moved forward in the hiring process. All things being equal, employers are putting increasing weight on applicants' follow-up for several reasons. Not only does appropriate follow-up indicate that the applicant is conscientious, but it also shows that you have good people skills and eti…

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4 IT Staffing Challenges and How to Solve Them Jul 15 , 2015

Optimizing the number of IT staff can be a challenge.

The quality of a company's IT staff is perhaps more important than for any other area of the company. If IT staff don't know their stuff, the entire infrastructure of the company is at risk of failure. Finding and keeping quality IT staff is filled with challenges. Here are a few of the biggest challenges facing hiring managers today, along with some suggestions for how to solve them. #1 IT Staffing Challenge: Keeping Up With Growth Many IT departments are perpetually understaffed, with CIOs reluctant to add positions until the need is drastic. Being overworked, however, can lead to higher staff turnover and less ability to implement innovative tech…

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9 IT Staffing Trends You Should Know About Jul 8 , 2015

IT staffing is a complex need of many companies.

Few fields experience change as rapidly as information technology. As companies perpetually seek technological solutions to their problems, information technology innovates to provide the needed solutions. This rapid change leads to ever-evolving needs in IT staffing. Here are 9 current trends of which IT staffers should be aware: Trend #1: Certifications are up. Having certified IT skills in particular areas of specialization is becoming more important when obtaining a job in the field. Training has become so specific and detailed that employers want to know that an IT hire has the skills necessary in the area of need. Trend #2: IT architecture certific…

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What to Do Immediately When Your Employee Leaves Your Company Jul 1 , 2015

Does this sound familiar? You've been trying to track down a billing issue with one of your suppliers for over a month. After sending yet another follow-up email to your account manager, you finally receive a response. It starts out by saying "So-and-So is no longer with our company..." The first thing that probably crosses your mind is how long So-and-So has been gone and, more importantly, how long emails from his customers have been going unanswered.

Have you ever bumped into an ex-colleague who said, "I was really getting upset with you. I was trying to solve a customer's admin problem. I left you voicemail messages for weeks before someone mentioned you were no longer with the company"? Situations like these are…

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Getting Creative with Your Online Portfolio Jul 1 , 2015

When it comes time to build an online portfolio, you want to create something that delivers the right message and a great first impression, but also doesn't go overboard. Read on to discover the five best elements to include when creating a site to highlight your resume and achievements.

Try to Get Your Name as a Domain One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd (especially from those in the world who might share your name) is to own Depending on the rarity of your name, this may be easier said then done. If someone already owns the domain for your name, consider going with a .net or .org option. You can also try adding your middle initial, entire middle name, or the word "Portfolio" at the e…

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Making a Job Offer They Can't Refuse Jul 1 , 2015

The road to "you're hired" can be a bumpy one for both hiring manager and candidate.

The factor that makes IT recruitment somewhat difficult is that there are still many job openings in the field and not as many quality candidates as there might be in some other fields. Here are some tricks for getting your preferred IT candidate to accept your job offer. Make the Phone Call When you've decided on the candidate you want to hire, it's time to make your move. Don't wait: hesitation may be perceived as lack of interest, which may lead your candidate to accept another offer. Calling and making your offer verbally is far superior to email or a letter because it is faster and more personal. You want to get o…

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7 Ways for Hiring Managers to Get the Most Out of Social Media Jun 24 , 2015

Social media has become an extremely effective way for hiring managers to find and hire some of the best in their industry, but you have to know how to use those media effectively. The following seven considerations will help you not only find the right candidates, they will help you develop a reliable network and build a better community for your industry. Visibility of Jobs There may be a lot of job boards out there, but to attract the attention of better candidates, social media is considerably more helpful for getting the word out about open positions with your company. Twitter is a fantastic way to spread the word, for instance. By adding a link to job descriptions with the right hashtags, you can reach thousands of poten…

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How to Rejoin the Workforce Like You Never Left Jun 24 , 2015

If you have been out of the workforce for a while, going back can seem a bit intimidating. You aren't accustomed to going into an office or having to attend meetings. Then there are the butterflies that come with starting a new job. But by finding the right job, the transition can be relatively painless.  

Rejoining the work world should be something you look forward to.

More Than a Job Whether you took a break from work because you were laid off or because you were raising children, when you step back into the work world, you should be stepping into a career, not just another job. It is much easier to rejoin the workforce if you are excited about what you will be doing. As you job hunt, keep this in mind an…

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IT Staffing: 5 Keys to Conducting a Productive Interview Jun 17 , 2015

Interviewing potential applicants can be a time intensive and tiring process that leaves you wishing that the whole hiring thing was over and done. With the right interview questions, though, you can not only simplify the process, but you can determine the best candidates based on the things that really matter. For those in IT staffing you know exactly how important it is to get it right the first time. The following are five keys to get the most out of every interview.  

When it comes to finding the right candidate, you don't want to gamble, you want to find the best one for the job.

1. Get the job description just right. To get the best candidates, particularly for IT, you really need to get the qual…

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Is Your Cover Letter Personalized Enough? Jun 17 , 2015

To your delight, you see the perfect job description flash across the screen. You're instantly ready to respond and make the position yours. At this very juncture, it is best to stop, plant your feet on the ground, and take an analytical approach. Leave emotion behind in order to provide the best cover letter possible. After all, the cover letter sets the tone, conveying whether you will be the type of employee to best fit into the position and the organization. Creating a cover letter is the written version of conducting a sales meeting designed to make the sale. In this case, you're encouraging the company to buy what you have to offer. The cover letter should be brief; make a personal connection; speak to company needs, wants, a…

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5 Tips for Discovering the Best Passive Job Candidates Jun 10 , 2015

Passive job candidates need you to make them look.

One survey found that about half of all employees are happy with their work and have no intention of leaving. Of the other half, only about 10% are actively looking - but they're outnumbered by the nearly 40% who aren't looking but are open to making a change. That means if you're limiting your job search to reviewing the resumes that cross your desk, you're seeing only a fraction of the pool of qualified candidates. You'll have a better chance of finding the best person for your job if you expand your search and reach out to those passive job candidates. Because they aren't actively looking for work, you won't find those passive job seekers by posting on job bo…

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IT Resume Makeover: Top 4 Tips for Updating Your Resume Jun 3 , 2015

Unless you've made contact at a job fair, your resume is probably your first chance to make an impression on a recruiter or hiring manager. If your resume doesn't show them that you're looking for the kind of role they're hiring for and that you have the skills to do the job, you probably won't get the chance to change their minds in person. Use these tips to make your resume stand out and help you get hired: 1. Make it obvious what job you're looking for. You don't necessarily need to craft a traditional "objective," but there should be some kind of introductory section that makes clear what kind of job you're looking for. This is especially true if you've worked in different areas of technology, or if you've been a hands-on devel…

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How to Hire a Top-Notch Developer Jun 2 , 2015

Two decades ago it was difficult to find a web developer because there were so few. Now there are plenty of developers on the market, but finding a top-notch candidate remains a challenge, particularly when you need a web developer. People seem to think that creating a single webpage makes them an expert, but the truth is that web development requires knowing a lot more than just the basics. After all, your website is your face to most of the world. With brick and mortar businesses becoming a last resort, you need a website that gets traffic, keeps people on the site, and is secure so that people keep coming back. With all of this in mind, here are the things you should look for when you need a great web developer. Your sit…

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Building Your IT Team: How Your Recruiter Should Help May 11 , 2015

The economy is growing again, and IT recruiting has become more challenging. A report by Deloitte titled "Global Human Capital Trends 2014" stated that the battle for recruiting talent now takes place on a field of talent networks that are unevenly distributed around the world, with people who have evolving views of what they want in a career. Many companies are updating their IT hiring strategies, worried that failure to adapt will prevent them from finding and hiring the IT professionals they need.

Even in a competitive hiring environment, taking time to find the right job candidate is well worthwhile. CareerBuilder's 2015 job forecast reported that more than half of employers surveyed planned to hire full-time perm…

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Top Tips for Working with a GDH Recruiter Feb 23 , 2015

Top Tips for Working with a GDH Recruiter At GDH, we pride ourselves with being responsive and empathetic to our candidates. We know that a job search and career move is a big step. Here are a few tips for working with your GDH Recruiter when searching for your next role: 1. Honesty is key.

  • Keep track of positions you apply for, and be honest with your recruiter about it. If you can’t remember, let them know. Sometimes there are multiple firms working to fill one position. You want to make sure your resume isn’t being sent by more than one agency. It doesn’t better your chances. In fact, many times the client will ignore the resumes that get sent twice. Other times, they take it from who sent it first. Unfortunatel…
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Interview Tips from GDH Recruiters Jan 6 , 2015

2015 brings a lot of potential for career advancement. Our Recruiters have come up with their top 10 interview tips for those of you looking to start something new this year. Are you considering making a career move in 2015? It’s not too late to add it to your New Year’s resolution! Top interview tips from the GDH recruiting team: 1. Arrive at least 15 minutes early. 2. Dress business professional. It's safer to over dress than be under dressed. 3. Research the company you are interviewing with. Have questions prepared, and not ones that could be answered by looking at their company website. 4. Have preparation notes, job description and resume in front of you during the interview. 5. The opening is very important. It …

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