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Is There Really an IT Talent Shortage? Jul 29 , 2015

If you talk to IT hiring managers and their colleagues, many would probably tell you that there is a definite shortage of the kind of candidates they need to fill positions in their companies. An Information Week study yielded 73-88% of respondents who indicated a talent shortage in one or more areas of information technology, depending on the size of the business. When businesses try to find workers with specialized skills to work on specific projects within the company, they often come up empty-handed or end up taking much longer to recruit workers with appropriate skills to fill the positions. Some companies have begun to bring in workers from overseas on H-1B temporary visas to get projects accomplished in a timely manner. Thes…

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How to Find Your Next Job Through Social Media Jul 29 , 2015

Social media fosters powerful connections between people that can be of assistance when looking for a new IT job opportunity. Making social media an important part of your job search is not just a nice idea, it can actually be more effective than job boards in some cases. The secret of social media's success as a job search aid is in its long-established character - the personal connections it facilitates and enables. Unlike faceless online applications where having exact qualifications and the most experience is the only way to get noticed, social media can bring out other facets of job candidates that distinguish them from the rest of the pack. The personal connections made through social media can also be a wealth of inform…

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Thought Leader Series: Social Media's Ultimate Virtual Cocktail Party: Meet Your Next Boss Jul 29 , 2015

Shari Stauch is Creator and CEO of Where Writers Win, and she has extensive experience in marketing emerging authors. To learn more about Shari, visit her company's website at

"Life's just a cocktail party..." - Mick Jagger, "Shattered" In today's virtual world, the advantages of having a professional online presence cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to job seekers. It's inexpensive to maintain an online presence through social media engagement and blogging, and it's the perfect way to meet and great potential colleagues. Learning to engage the "right" way in this brave new digital world is just as important as engaging with someone in person. You want to develop a written voice…

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Thought Leader Series: Job-Hunting Costs: How to Keep Your Expenses Down Jul 29 , 2015

Kim Parr is an optometrist and author who writes about finance, career, and retirement. You can find out more about Kim at her blog, Eyes on the Dollar. Job-hunting can be as intense as maintaining a full-time job. Aside from researching and making sure credentials and resumes are up to date, there could be travel, meetings, and/or networking required for you to land the perfect position. Job-search costs can be a real concern, especially if you're currently unemployed. By following a few simple steps, it's possible to keep your expenses down while job-hunting. Minimizing Wardrobe Costs While it might be tempting to go on a shopping spree before meeting a potential new employer, take a look around the closet bef…

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Thought Leader Series: What You Need to Know About Social Recruiting Jul 29 , 2015

Joydeep Bhattacharya holds a decade of experience in online marketing and is the author of the SEO blog, where he regularly shares his ideas and experiences. You can follow him on Twitter. As with everything else in the world, traditional methods of recruitment have been affected by the Internet and social media; now, social recruiting is a great way to find job candidates. Using social media platforms to look for candidates is a new and innovative approach to hiring that can also double-up as advertising. According to Jobvite's 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, social engineering has led to a greater need for companies to maximum their visibility. The report states that:

  • Nearly 95% of recrui…
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Streamlining the Hiring Process Jul 22 , 2015

Making the hiring process simpler makes staffing your company more manageable.

If the IT recruitment and hiring process wasn't complex and time consuming, companies wouldn't need hiring managers. There are things IT hiring managers can do, however, to simplify the hiring process and make it not only more manageable, but more effective. Defining the Process Taking time to clearly define the recruitment process, interview process, job description, and requirements will save lots of time later. Applicants will know what to expect as they interview and what the job will be like once they are hired. As an IT hiring manager, defining everything ahead of time allows you to simply follow the process you have est…

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Online Etiquette for IT Job Seekers Jul 22 , 2015

It's important to observe online etiquette, or netiquette, when looking for an IT job.

With many job applications being done online these days, it is important for IT job seekers to know the proper way to conduct themselves online. By respecting boundaries and demonstrating respect for hiring personnel, you will avoid obstacles that could cost you jobs. Check your digital footprint before the interview. Before a job interview even takes place, IT hiring managers may be searching Google and social media to see what they can find out about potential candidates. What will they find? Searching yourself on Google and checking all your social media profiles can give you an idea what hiring managers will see about you whenever in…

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Thought Leader Series: The Two Questions You Must Ask During Every Job Interview Jul 15 , 2015

In every interview, you ask questions. There are two questions that stand above all others - two that just might get you the answers you need to select the best candidate, every time. And the best part? The questions are neither overly complicated (e.g., How many ping-pong balls fit in a school bus?) or a silly cliché (e.g., What is your greatest weakness?). Instead, they get to the heart of the matter: Does this applicant thoroughly understand their value, and how will their working style complement your existing team? Here are those two magical questions: Why Should We Hire You? As simple (and perhaps as common) as this question may be, it helps the interviewer learn three simple things:

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What To Do After the Interview Jul 15 , 2015

To stand out from others interviewed, follow-up is crucial.

In the IT field, competition for quality jobs can be fierce. When you finally get an interview for a job you really want, you should pull out all the stops in order to make a good impression. But more and more, IT job candidates are finding that it isn't enough to have a great interview. It can be what happens after the interview that sometimes determines whether you get moved forward in the hiring process. All things being equal, employers are putting increasing weight on applicants' follow-up for several reasons. Not only does appropriate follow-up indicate that the applicant is conscientious, but it also shows that you have good people skills and eti…

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4 IT Staffing Challenges and How to Solve Them Jul 15 , 2015

Optimizing the number of IT staff can be a challenge.

The quality of a company's IT staff is perhaps more important than for any other area of the company. If IT staff don't know their stuff, the entire infrastructure of the company is at risk of failure. Finding and keeping quality IT staff is filled with challenges. Here are a few of the biggest challenges facing hiring managers today, along with some suggestions for how to solve them. #1 IT Staffing Challenge: Keeping Up With Growth Many IT departments are perpetually understaffed, with CIOs reluctant to add positions until the need is drastic. Being overworked, however, can lead to higher staff turnover and less ability to implement innovative tech…

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Getting an IT Interview: Ways to Stand Out Jul 8 , 2015

Getting an interview isn't easy, but it can happen with the right skills.
For desirable IT jobs, the competition is fierce. Hundreds of resumes may be received for one open position, depending on the area, the salary and the company. How do you get stand out from the crowd and get an interview that will lead to a job? Many of the things you can do to stand out have just as much chance of getting you thrown in the reject pile as they do getting you an interview. It takes the right combination of courage and wisdom to get past the initial onslaught and land in the interview hot seat. Don't Apply Online When hiring managers post jobs online, they get tons of resumes and applications that they need to sift through in …

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9 IT Staffing Trends You Should Know About Jul 8 , 2015

IT staffing is a complex need of many companies.

Few fields experience change as rapidly as information technology. As companies perpetually seek technological solutions to their problems, information technology innovates to provide the needed solutions. This rapid change leads to ever-evolving needs in IT staffing. Here are 9 current trends of which IT staffers should be aware: Trend #1: Certifications are up. Having certified IT skills in particular areas of specialization is becoming more important when obtaining a job in the field. Training has become so specific and detailed that employers want to know that an IT hire has the skills necessary in the area of need. Trend #2: IT architecture certific…

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What to Do Immediately When Your Employee Leaves Your Company Jul 1 , 2015

Does this sound familiar? You've been trying to track down a billing issue with one of your suppliers for over a month. After sending yet another follow-up email to your account manager, you finally receive a response. It starts out by saying "So-and-So is no longer with our company..." The first thing that probably crosses your mind is how long So-and-So has been gone and, more importantly, how long emails from his customers have been going unanswered.

Have you ever bumped into an ex-colleague who said, "I was really getting upset with you. I was trying to solve a customer's admin problem. I left you voicemail messages for weeks before someone mentioned you were no longer with the company"? Situations like these are…

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Getting Creative with Your Online Portfolio Jul 1 , 2015

When it comes time to build an online portfolio, you want to create something that delivers the right message and a great first impression, but also doesn't go overboard. Read on to discover the five best elements to include when creating a site to highlight your resume and achievements.

Try to Get Your Name as a Domain One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd (especially from those in the world who might share your name) is to own Depending on the rarity of your name, this may be easier said then done. If someone already owns the domain for your name, consider going with a .net or .org option. You can also try adding your middle initial, entire middle name, or the word "Portfolio" at the e…

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Making a Job Offer They Can't Refuse Jul 1 , 2015

The road to "you're hired" can be a bumpy one for both hiring manager and candidate.

The factor that makes IT recruitment somewhat difficult is that there are still many job openings in the field and not as many quality candidates as there might be in some other fields. Here are some tricks for getting your preferred IT candidate to accept your job offer. Make the Phone Call When you've decided on the candidate you want to hire, it's time to make your move. Don't wait: hesitation may be perceived as lack of interest, which may lead your candidate to accept another offer. Calling and making your offer verbally is far superior to email or a letter because it is faster and more personal. You want to get o…

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What Not to Say in an IT Job Interview Jul 1 , 2015

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but be careful what you say.

In a job interview, just a few words can mean the difference between a job offer and a "no, thank you." You want to avoid turning off an interviewer at all costs. While different people will have different interview pet peeves, there are some rather universal statements to avoid when being interviewed for a job in the IT field. Talking About What You Can't (or Won't) Do Staying away from negatives is a positive interviewing skill. Your interviewer knows you have limitations, but is more interested to hear about what you can offer the company than looking to hire someone who starts off talking about what they won't do on the job. Using Slang…

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